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Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) has identified the expansion of Port of Colombo to cater the increasing demand of services in the international shipping industry.  After comprehensive studies the proposed development project is called "Colombo Port Expansion Project (CPEP)".  

The Colombo Port Expansion Project is situated west to the  existing port of colombo comprising an area of approximately 600 hectares.  The new harbour has 3 terminals each having 1,200m length and facilities to accommodate 3 berths alongside.  The small boat harbour at the end of secondary breakwater has 400m length of quay wall.  New buildings for pilot station and crew accommodation are to be constructed at the head of secondary breakwater.

The Port of Colombo which had a capacity about 4.5 million TEUs and to be increased the total capacity by another 7.2 million TEUs in two separate phases under this development.

The new harbour basin has a turning circle of 800m, Basin depth of 18m and two way access channel of 570m width and 20m depth.  


Harbour Infrastructure Works (CPEP-HIW) –

The project consist a a main breakwater of 5.14km length, Secondary Breakwater of 1.65km length, access channel of 20m depth, 570m width and 9km length and basic infrastructures.

Project was commenced on 11th April 2008 and successfully completed on 30th September 2012.  The project cost was Rs. 42 billion.


Construction of Terminals and other related services -

1. South Container Terminal - CICT

2. East Container Terminal    - SLPA


1. South Container Terminal - CICT

South Container Terminal has been developed under Public Private Partnership (PPP) under BOT basis with. Colombo International Container Terminals Limited and SLPA. It consists a 1200m long quay wall, 18m depth basin and a yard capacity of 2.4 million TEUs.

CICT commenced construction works of the terminal in December 2011 and completed the works and commenced operation in 2013 with an envisaged investment of US$ 500 million.

2. East Container Terminal - Phase I

In the master plan of Colombo Port Expansion Project, the East Container Terminal has a 1200m long Quay wall, alongside water depth of 18m and a yard capacity of 2.4 million TEUs.

The SLPA has completed a 440m single berth as the first phase of the ECT development plan to cater the shortfall in the capacity of container handling in the port of colombo.  This consists of 440m quay wall alongside water depth of 18m and successfully completed in May 2015 with a project cost of USD 80 million.

Galle Port Development Project

(a)  Phase I - Development of Yacht Marina

The Galle city is gifted with many attractions, such as coastal beds with pure blue oceans and coral reefs, tropical rain forests, legends attached, the colossal Dutch Fortress, a world heritage site and archeological artifacts have made it a leisure land, a real pleasing environment to any exhausted body. The Galle Port is the only Sri Lankan port that provides facilities for pleasure Yachts. The International Yacht Society has recognized the Galle Port as one of the world's best attraction. The increase in arrival of these yachts has revived the tourism industry of the country in general and Galle in particular.

The facilities of Yachts provided at Galle Port had been damaged during the tsunami and the proposed development is to provide a fully fledged Yacht Marina for the Galle Port to facilitate the calling yachts as well as to attract more Yachts.

Phase I (A) :

This Phase I (A) of the project consists of development of basic facilities of Yacht Marina with berthing facility for 22 Yachts of 15m long and 3m draft with facilities of services and repair facility with a workshop.  The project duration is 12 months and estimated project cost is Rs. 125 million.  The project was successfully completed in 2015. 

Phase II - Development of Galle Port as a Commercial Leisure Port

The Phase II of the project consists of a breakwater of 900m long, a multi-purpose berth of 300m long and rectreation facilities as; Whale/Coral watching, Boat service, Restaurant and Hotels etc.

The basic design has been completed and awaiting clearance for the project from UNESCO to commence.

Development of Port in Oluvil

The proposed project comprises the construction of a Commercial harbor and a basin for the fishing crafts and it covers a land area of 60ha in the first stage and 105ha in the second stage. The harbor basin would cover an area of 16ha of the sea and would spread 1.2km along the coast line.

Stage  I

Commercial Harbour

Commercial Harbour consists of harbour basin for 5000 DWT ships, breakwater length of 1320m, harbour basin depth of 8m, Quay wall length of 330m, having other facilities as Pilot Station, Prefabricated Warehouse, Administration Building, Engineering Staff Building and Officers' Quarters.

Fishery Harbour

Fishery Harbour consists of small craft basin depth of 3m quay wall (small crafts) length of 220m water area of 06ha and other facilities as Ice Plant and Cold Storage Facilities, Fish Auction Halls, Refrigerated Storage, Net Mending Facilities, Administration Building and Other facilities.

The project was commenced on 1st July 2008 and successfully completed on 15th November 2012 with a project cost of Euro 46 million.

A study is plan to overcome the crosion and the siltation issue in the channel.

Stage  II

The stage II consists of development the harbour to cater for 16,000 tons ships, increasing of harbour basin to 11m and construction of additional 470m quay wall and other structures..

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