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General Cargo Services

  • Introduction

Logistic provider of Sri Lanka Ports Authority which offers best in class logistic solutions  while fostering a disciplined culture of safety, security and trust. 

Services Offer

FCL/LCL Cargo delivery operations

Provide one-stop solutions for FCL Cargo through electronic cargo documentation system.

LCL cargo delivery operations 

The facility provides for trade and non-trade cargo and has a covered storage of ..........m². The Warehouse utilizes forklifts and Top lifts for de-stuffing / stuffing container operations and it is facilitated with a racking system for cargo storage.


SLPA operates following warehouses to store de-stuffed cargo and provide 24hrs/365days securityfor cargo in all warehouses until cargo delivery is completed.


a.    CFS Peliyagoda     

The land area of the warehouse complex at Peliyagoda is around 7 acres. The length of the warehouse is 260 meters and its breadth is 75 meters thus having a 19,500 square metres area to stack LCL cargo. The Container Freight Station has a fleet of mechanical equipments, 4 top lift machines (40 tons) to handle containers, 21 forklift machines (2.5. and 3.5 tons) for movement of cargo in de stuffing and delivery operations and five prime movers with 40" trailers to transport LCL containers from Port premises.

b.    BQ I & IV  

Handling of General cargo and Transshipment cargo

c.    BQ II & III        

Handling of General cargo and Transshipment cargo

d.    CFS II            

Handling of General cargo and Dangerous cargo

e.    CFS IV                

Handling of General cargo and separate unit/yard is arranged to de-stuff vehicle containers (FCL/LCL ) and to park the vehicles securely until delivery.



Multi Country Consolidation (MCC) is a combination of multiple destination transshipment cargo. MCC cargo comes in a container is transshipped to desired destination through several containers after Rework Operations at the Port of Colombo.



A company who wishes to handle MCC cargo should register at SLPA as an MCC Operator. The companies are registered at the Finance Division for MCC Operations with an initial deposit of Rs. 500,000.00.


Basic Requirements

  • Sri Lanka Customs approval for the MCC operation.
  • The guarantee letter from the respective MCC Operator for each operation (De-stuffing or Stuffing) to be carried out.
  • Duly filled Rework Application Form.
  • Maintain sufficient amount in the MCC Operator’s account.
  • Proper declaration to the respective Terminal and to the Documents Receiving  Section (for de-stuffing containers)


Cargo Handling

SLPA has provided warehousing facilities to handle MCC cargo at the warehouses at the Bandaranayake Quay (BQ) area (BQ I & BQ III) in the Port of Colombo. The MCC Operator may also handle MCC cargo at a designated SL Customs Bonded Warehouse outside the Port.

The containers pre-declared as MCC at the discharging Terminal at the Port of Colombo are brought in and de-stuffed at the requested warehouses at BQ. Then, with SL Custom’s approval and other documents, stuffing is also done at BQ and the containers are transferred to the desired Container Terminal.


Billing and Charges

The Billing Section authorizes the MCC Rework requests (De-stuffing / Stuffing) received and bills are raised accordingly to the respective MCC Operator. The Invoicing and Ledger Balance maintenance is done by the Finance Division.

The Rates applied for the MCC Operations are according to the SLPA Tariff Items 26.00 & 27.00.

Entrepot trade and Bonding Facilities

Onestop solutions for all warehousing needs for bonded cargo and entrepot Trade.

Bonded cargo warehouse

It gives secured facility supervised by Sri Lanka Customs where dutible landed imports are stored pending your re-export or release on assessment and payment of import levies and other oficial charges.

  1. Warehouses available for bonding of cargo

Bonded warehouse


Cool room facility(m²)







Accept the storage of all varities of cargo other than dangerours and perishable cargo Provide facilities for value added services Cool room facility is available only on CFS V warehouse 24 Hours security service is provided Co-operative and friendly staff Less paperwork



Application for delivery (triplicate) & warrant copy Approval of application by Supdt. ( Bonding ) Approval for charges by AA (Bond) Approval by Customs Delivery of Cargo



tariff item 50.00


 Entrepot trade

Provide facilities for entrepot operations in order to meet your needs on entrepot trade with ample yard area, well trained workforce   and newly replaced equipments.



Request by owner/agent for space for bonding cargo from Chief manager (Logistics) Approval of space Obtain to-bond seal on three Customs entries (Delivery, Lockers & warrant copies from Supdt. (Bond) Pass the entries from Customs (Bonding) Payment of landing and delivery charges Submit following documents (delivery order, letter confirm space, allocation, Invoice, vB/L, Packing list) Payment of deposit to Assistant Accountant (Bonding) Arrangement with Supdt. (Bonding) to receive cargo to Bonded warehouses


Ample warehouse space including office space is available in CFS VI warehouse and it is to be leased out for an external party to carryout cargo operations. The ground surface of the CFS VI warehouse is arranged so that cargo unloading/loading could be done without demounting the container (while the container is on trailer).

User Registrations

Submit all applications for registrations to delivery and charges section of logistic division

Registration of clearing agents

Requisite an agent request letter from agent


 Registration of Wharf Clerks 

Requisite an agent request letter from agent


 Agent Registration for Manifest Submission (Import/Export)

Required documents for Registration

  • Application Form (Download)
  • MOU of Sri Lanka Customs
  • Registration of SLAFA/Merchant Shipping
  • A receipt of Port Charges
  • A copy of confirmation of manifest submission


Registration of clearing agent for online Import and export cargo

  • Application Form(Download)
  • Clearing and forwarding certificate/’’A” pass identity card
  • If ‘’B”Pass identity holder ,need to submit company registration form and ‘’B”Pass identity card

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