Berthing Programme


Electrical equipment

Tender No. Description Bid Security Amount
Closing Date and Time
CES/FP/03/SQ/5674(EL I) Door Actuators for Elevators for ZPMC Cranes 12,500.00 03/08/2017 10.00hrs.
CES/FP/02/SQ/5673(EL I) LED Indicator Lamp Assembly for the ZPMC STS Cranes 7,000.00 03/08/2017 10.00hrs.

Mechanical Equipment

Tender No Description Bid Security Amount
Closing Date
CES/FP/08/SQ/5665(MP) Table Turn for UNIC URA 343 Boom Truck 10,000.00 27/07/2017 10.00hrs.
CES/FP/05/SQ/5664(MP) Main Hoist Wire Rope for KOBELCO 45 Ton – CR 26 10,000.00 27/07/2017 10.00hrs.
CES/FP/02/SQ/5678(MP) Spares for Gear Reducers of Antisway System of ZPMC RTGC at JCT 17,500.00 10/08/2017 10.00hrs.
CES/FP/08/PT/5655(MP) Spares for Caterpillar C15 Engines Fitted with ZPMC Transtainers use at JCT 110,000.00 15/08/2017 10.00hrs.
CES/FP/02/PT/5666(MP) 07 Nos. Wire Ropes of Size 0 22.4mm x 408m 45,000.00 17/08/2017 10.00hrs.
CES/FP/02/PT/5651(MAR) Spares for Major Overhaul of Caterpillar 3306 Main Generator Engines of M/T Barana II & Vijayabahu  46,000.00 22/08/2017 10.00hrs.

Other Materials & Equipment

File Number Description Bid Amount (Rs.) Closing Date and Time
CES/FP/02/PT/5631(TRINCO) Supply of 01 No. Oil Skimmer 59,000.00 15/08/2017 10.00hrs.


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