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Monday, November 30, 2015
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Galle Port Development Project

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Script By :M.Z.M Irshath
Script By :M.Z.M Irshath


The Galle city is gifted with many attractions, such as coastal beds with pure blue oceans and coral reefs, tropical rain forests, legends attached, the colossal Dutch Fortress, a world heritage site and archeological artifacts have made it a leisure land, a real pleasing environment to any exhausted body. The Galle Port is the only Sri Lankan port that provides facilities for pleasure Yachts. The International Yacht Society has recognized the Galle Port as one of the world's best attraction. The increase in arrival of these yachts has revived the tourism industry of the country in general and Galle in particular.

The facilities of Yachts provided at Galle Port had been damaged during the tsunami and the proposed development is to provide a fully fledged Yacht Marina for the Galle Port to facilitate the calling yachts as well as to attract more Yachts. This development of Port of Galle as a tourist destination will act as a catalyst to economic growth of Southern Region of Sri Lanka. At the next stage, berthing facilities will be for passenger cruise ships (Phase II). The yacht lifting facility & yacht repair workshop will be provided.

Project Outline :-

The project will be implemented in two phases as Phase I (A) and Phase I (B).

Phase I (A):

The Phase-I (A) of the project consists of development of basic facilities of Yacht Marina with berthing facility for 50 Yachts of 15m long and 3m draft.

On completion, the facility will provide;

- Yacht berthing facilities at south breakwater area and waterhole area.

-  Services and repair facility with a Workshop

-  Duty free shop

-  Café & Club House

-  Tourist Information Centre

-  Launderette

-  Shower & Toilet Facility Building*

Project Duration: 12 months

Estimated Project Cost: Rs. 125 million


Phase I (B):

The Phase-I (B) of the project will include extension of Yacht berthing facilities to accommodate 30 more Yachts and development of facilities for yacht repair.

On completion, the facility will provide;

- Further extension of yacht berthing facility at waterhole area

- Yacht lifting facility with crane beam supported by piles

- Car Park and Dry berthing facility

Project Duration: 12 months

Estimated Project Cost: Rs. 175 million


Progress of works :-

 ·     Yacht Berthing Facilities at South Breakwater (Phase 1A)

Construction works have been completed and yachters use the facility now.  

·     Preliminary work Phase1A-Buildings for Yacht Marina

Construction works are in progress.

·     Yacht Berthing Facilities at Waterhole (Phase 1A)

The process of acquisition of lands and houses is in progress and will be completed shortly.



       Development Proposal :-

1)   Development of a Breakwater to protect the entire Galle bay

2)   Development of a Hotel/ Restaurant at Gravet Point.

3)   Development of a resort type hotel at Watering Point.

4)   Development of a Yacht Marina with related facilities.

5)   Development of a multi-purpose berth through BOT or SLPA funds.

6)   Providing boat services from china pier for Whale/ Coral watching.

7)   Development of a walkway extending from Galle city up to Watering Point.

8)   Providing of vehicle parking for port and sight seeing visitors at newly acquired port land.

9)   Development of aquarium with harbour view restaurant closer to China Pier.

10)   Collection of revenue from service providers such as boat service providers, Restaurant & Hotel operators etc.


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