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Sunday, November 29, 2015
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Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) has identified the expansion of Port of Colombo to cater the increasing demand of services in the international shipping industry. After comprehensive studies the proposed development in South of Colombo Port was identified essential. This entire infrastructural development project is called “Colombo Port Expansion Project (CPEP)”.  

The proposed Colombo South Harbour is situated west to the existing port of Colombo comprising an area of approximately 600 hectares. The proposed harbour has 3 terminals each having 1,200m length and facilities to accommodate 3 berths alongside. The proposed small boat harbour at the end of secondary breakwater has 400m length of quay wall. New buildings for pilot station and crew accommodation are to be constructed at the head of secondary breakwater.  

The proposed new harbour basin has;

Turning circle                            - 800m

Basin depth                               - 18.0m

Depth of access channel             - 20m

Width of the Harbour mouth       - 570m 

Two phases of the project:


Harbour Infrastructure works - Construction of Breakwaters, dredging for new harbour basin and navigation channel and rerouting of crude oil pipe line.


Construction of Terminals and other related services.

1.0   Harbour Infrastructure works  

Project Details:-

Client                                        : Sri Lanka Ports Authority

  Mr. Susantha Abeysiriwardana

  Project Director

  Chief Engineer - Planning & Development Division

  Mrs. F.M. Hussain

  Deputy Project Director

  Superintending Civil Engineer - Planning &
                                                    Development Division


Engineer                                   : Scott Wilson ltd - UK

Contractor                                : Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co , Korea

Funded by                                : Asian Development Bank (ADB)  - US$ 300 Millions

                                               Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) - US$ 75.1 Millions

Date of Commencement            : 11th April 2008

Construction Period                   : 48 months

Progress of Colombo Port Expansion Project as at July 2013

  • Breakwaters

Main Breakwater (5.14 km length) – Completed

Secondary Breakwater (1.65 km length) - Total length was completed with a 400m length of Quay.

  • Dredging and reclamation
  Dredging of 570m wide 9km long access channel to a depth of -20m was completed.
  • Submarine crude oil pipeline
  Submarine crude oil pipeline to the SPBM had been laid across the port access channel at a shallow depth. Laying of New pipeline at -26m from Mean Sea Level and removal of old pipeline have been successfully completed.
  • Internal Roads
  Construction of Approximately 4.0km length of total internal roads has been completed comprising with the 6, 4, and 2 lane roads (Lane width 3.7m).
2.0 Construction of Terminals and other related services.
  South Container Terminal - CICT
  East Container Terminal - SLPA
  After calling and evaluation of the Request for Proposals (RFP), development of the first terminal of the Colombo South Harbour, namely South Container Terminal has been assigned to M/s. Colombo International Container Terminals Limited under BOT basis.
   Developer  : Colombo International Container Terminals Limited (CICT)

Colombo International Container Terminals Ltd., (CICT) is a joint venture Company between China Merchants Holdings (International) Co., Ltd. (CMHI), a listed blue chip Company in the Hong Kong stock exchange, and the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA). It is developing the 2.4 million TEUs capacity Colombo South Container Terminal in the Port of Colombo, under a 35 year build, operate, and transfer agreement with the SLPA.

The largest shareholder of this company is CMHI with 85% ownership and the balance 15% being held by SLPA.

CICT commenced construction works of the terminal in December 2011. With an envisaged investment of US$ 500 million, including the installation of the latest state of the art terminal equipment, it is so far the single largest foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka by a private entity.

The Port of Colombo with a current capacity of over 4.5 million TEUs has embarked on a large infrastructure development programme to increase the total capacity of the Port of Colombo by another 7.2 million TEUs in three separate phases.

      Effective Date                 : 1st December 2011

      Term of BOT Agreement : 35 Years


Project Features :-

         Quay Length                        : 1,200 m
         No. of Berths                       : 3 - 4 berths
         Capacity                              : 2.5 M TEU
         Depth                                 : 18m
         Terminal Equipment for each terminal -
             12 Nos. Super Post-Panamax quayside cranes
             40 Nos. RTGs.

Construction Details:-

Date of Commencement  : 16th December 2011

Project Completion          :  Phase  I (600m Quay Length)  - December 2013

Phase II (Entire Terminal)    - April 2014

Estimated Cost                :  US$ 500 million

Consultant                      :  AECOM of Hong Kong

Civil Contractor                 :  China Harbour  Enginnering Company Ltd.


Present Progress:-

Ø   BOT Agreement has been signed on 12th August 2011 between SLPA and CICT.

Ø Site Lease Agreement, Shareholders’ Agreement and Lenders Direct Agreement have been executed.

Ø  Consultancy and Civil construction contracts have been awarded.

Ø  Topographic survey and bathymetric survey have been completed.

Ø  Dredging and reclamation for the casting yard have been commenced and more than 1.4 million m3 of sand have been reclaimed up to now.

Ø  Construction of site office buildings and other facilities are in progress.


Progress of CPEP as at July 2013


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